About us

we provide Installation, maintenance, repair, servicing and un installation of Electrical and electronic items such as Fridge, Washing Machine, Fan, Air conditioner, RO, UPS & All Home Appliance.Installation and service of computer, laptop and CCTV cameras.Also Provide Plumbing services, Home cleaning services, commercial premises cleaning services, Beautician services.We have the experienced technicians in Electrical, Electronics, Plumping& Home Appliances and all above Services.Our Primary Motto is “Best Service on time till Customer Satisfaction”. We assure the service follow ups on time and in best manner.

Interior Home Repair

  • In our Modern economy forceus to faster than fastest.But the meantime we have to spend some time for fulfill basic needs of home and offices.We save your time by way of our fastest services within time and proper manner.

Quality of Services

  • Quality only decides the Service in proper. We focus this term always. We realizeOur Quality is the only measure for your continuation with us.Visit JuzOncefor better quality services at any time.

Handyman Services

  • We have well trained and experienced skill workers for Our Services.We are not providing just a worker, provide technical handyman.Our technical team is the backbone of our business body.

Career Center

  • Employment is not the only solution for Career. We are giving Opportunity to Skilled worker as Technician.To Improve your SkillsJoin with us as a professional technician not just an Employee.